Press release from Hancock Prospecting - Path of Hope Gala Ball

"While our Executive Chairman, Mrs Gina Rinehart was in Budapest for the FINA World Championships and acting as Patron and temporary Hon. President of Swimming Australia, HPPL and Roy Hill executives and staff enjoyed The Path of Hope Gala Ball on Saturday evening (29 JULY), a fantastic gala evening to raise awareness and support for the fight against domestic violence. It’s a shocking statistic but domestic violence affects one in three women in Australia.

Rebecca Tolstoy the Chairman of Path of Hope with her commitment, great energy and the vibrancy put on a very successful event and was effusive in her thanks of Mrs Rinehart, HPPL and Roy Hill for their generous support and sponsorship.

Judith Fordham who delivered the keynote speech, was both powerful and thought provoking, and fearless in relating her story. She was able to engage the audience on the issue and provided an insight to how individuals could contribute and support both women and children to break the terrible cycle of domestic violence.

The Roy Hill and HPPL attendees thoroughly enjoyed the Cinderella themed evening and the opportunity to be part of such a worthy course.

It was a great evening with everyone proud to see our Chairman Mrs Rinehart, HPPL and Roy Hill supporting The Path of Hope."

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