Workplace Giving for organisations and businesses

Workplace Giving provides a low cost, administratively simple way of creating community partnerships whilst building employee morale.

This lets employees donate to a charity from their pre-tax pay. The employee receives an immediate tax refund knowing they are supporting a cause important to them.

Many employers are now matching their employees’ donations as part of their giving programs, making donations go even further. Matching donations is a great way for employers to generate organisational pride and build staff engagement. Research shows that over 60% of employees say their primary motivation for donating through workplace giving is that their employer matches donations.

In addition to workplace giving donations, employers may encourage employees to share their time and skills with their workplace giving charity partners.

Our Corporate Partners are a critical element to our fundraising efforts and what we are able to achieve.


Why workplace giving?

Workplace Giving is a win-win-win for employees, employers and charities. Employees enjoy giving small pre-tax amounts together to make a big difference. Employers value how workplace giving programs bring organisational values to life, boost employee morale and improve staff retention rates and charities gain long term, stable funding for core programs in a cost effective manner.

By establishing a workplace giving program, and involving employees in the design, delivery and outcomes, your organisation has the opportunity to make a difference, build staff engagement, harness the collective generosity of its people and enhance your reputation in the communities in which you operate.

Workplace giving is an effective way to make a big difference in the community and it has enormous potential. If just 10% of the Australian workforce donated $5 pre-tax a week through workplace giving, an extra $300 million per year would be raised for the community sector (excluding employer matching).

How can you get involved?

We endorse workplace giving as a key component of any corporate responsibility program. Talk to us about how you and your employees can support us through workplace giving and make giving count. Or visit the ATO for information about how to set up workplace giving.