Path of Hope Conference 2019

path of hope - a joint venture between rotary and the salvation army

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Family and domestic violence

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human trafficking

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Welcome to Perth - the Capital of Western Australia!

Perth has a superb position, located on the banks of Swan River and nearby the great Kings Park, which not only has a perfect view over the city, but also is a very beautiful park with a botanic garden.

Perth is best known for its great weather, fresh air and beautiful beaches (and it sure is worth coming here just for that!) but there are lot of things to do here. Explore the city by walking or hire a bike; visit the new developed Elizabeth Quay; do a day-trip to the beautiful Rottnest Island; indulge in some city arts and culture at a museum, theatre, or art gallery; or visit one of the many small bars, cafes and restaurants here. Perth has a lot to offer and do not hesitate to ask us for tips on things to do during your trip here! 

Click on the images to see more photos of our beautiful Perth! 


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