The Western Australian legislation relating to family and domestic violence includes

Laws regarding restraining orders which can protect victims; Restraining Orders Act 1997 

Restraining Orders Act 1997


Tools provided for Victims and Victors of Family and Domestic Violence. Orders are to help stop violence, abuse and harassment.

Restraining Orders & Police Orders

‘When investigating and responding to situations that involve family violence, police officers can make a temporary restraining order, called a Police Order.’
- Legal Aid Western Australia

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‘If someone commits family violence or personal violence towards you, threatens you or your property, harasses or intimidates you and you are concerned that it will continue and put you at risk, you can apply to have a restraining order taken out against them.’

- Department of Justice Western Australia


Family Law Act 1975 . An Act relating to Marriage and to Divorce and Matrimonial Causes and, in relation thereto and otherwise, Parental Responsibility for Children, and to financial matters arising out of the breakdown of de facto relationships and to certain other matters.

Family Law Act 1975; Division 11 – Family Violence


An Act to confer functions in relation to the provision of social services, the provision of financial and other assistance, and other matters concerning the wellbeing of children, other individuals, families and communities; to make provisions about the protection and care of children and the employment of children;

Children and Community Services Act 2004