Vocational Training Team

From Perth, Western Australia to Los Angeles, California


a team of experts…

In enticipation of the last level of approval from the Rotary Foundation. The West Australian Vocational Training Team have worked tirelessly to prepaire.

The VTT from Perth Western Australia is a multi-disciplinary team of 8 persons who have extensive experience in their FDV related professional fields.   

Western Australia particularly has an over 40 year history of the progressive development of integrated responses to FDV.  Initially focused on providing safety to women escaping violence the legislative, policy and service framework has development and now aims to provide integrated responses across Government and non-government services focused on prevention and early intervention, safety for victims, and accountability of perpetrators. This has been accompanied by successive community education campaigns that have sought to shift community attitudes to not tolerate FDV and promote help seeking behavior. 

Path of Hope is an example of innovation and collaboration within this long tradition.  The VTT members represent key aspects of the Western Australian experience which can be shared with Rotary District 5300 and other stakeholders.  In addition to promoting the value of a Rotary partnership with FDV service providers the team members will also enhance their knowledge of the field which can be brought back to Western Australia. 

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