Policy Frame Work Nationally and State of Western Australia

National Plan To Reduce Violence Against Women And Their Children 2010-2022

The National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children 2010-2022 provides the framework for action by the Commonwealth (Australian Government), state and territory governments to reduce violence against women and their children.

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Fourth Action Plan 2019-2022

Invest in primary prevention and early intervention to stop violence at its source It was broadly agreed that stronger effort is required in primary prevention and early intervention, and that the efforts to date were valuable. In particular, the Stop it at the Start campaign and respectful relationships education were seen as useful.

Some participants emphasised the importance of local or state-based campaigns, and called for state/territory governments to fund them.


Third Action Plan 2016-2019

The Third Action Plan built on the work the Australian Federal Government did in the First and Second Action Plans.It explains what will be done over the next 3 years to reduce violence against women and their children. They focused on 6 areas.


Second Action Plan 2013-2016
The Second Action Plan was working what the government and other stake holders will do in the future. What they have achieved so far.

The First Action Plan: Building a Strong Foundation 2010-2013 (First Action Plan) laid a strong foundation for long-term change. This included establishing national-level infrastructure to inform future policy and service delivery and to engage the community in reducing violence against women and their children.

Key initiatives include Our Watch, Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS)The Line social marketing campaign, and 1800RESPECT.


Prevention Strategy 2020 - Western Australia

Western Australia’s Family And Domestic Violence Prevention Strategy To 2022:  Creating Safer Communities. The new Western Australian Family and Domestic Violence Prevention Strategy to 2022 (Prevention Strategy) provides the framework in which a comprehensive and shared response to family and domestic violence can be achieved. Significantly, this new Prevention Strategy represents an important long-term focus on early intervention, victim safety and perpetrator accountability over the next ten years.
- Department for Child Protection 2014

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Freedom From Fear Action Plan – Western Australia. Working towards the elimination of family and domestic violence in Western Australia.

The action plan Freedom from Fear: Working towards the elimination of family and domestic violence in Western Australia 2015 reaffirms the state government’s commitment to tackling this insidious problem, through a framework of action to strengthen a whole of government and community sector response.