The Vocational Training Team from D9455 debut their panel presentation the 15th March 2019

Time: 12:30 - 14:00

Day: Friday, 15th March 2019

Where: Parmelia Hilton, Perth Western Australia

Price: $45, inclusive of two delicious courses by the Parmelia Hilton chefs.

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Breaking the Intergenerational Cycle of Family & Domestic Violence

Path of Hope is an approach that mobilizes the organizational capacity of Rotary and its members to support agencies and services that provide safety and empowerment to women and their children escaping Family and Domestic Violence (FDV). 

Path of Hope is an example of innovation and collaboration within this long tradition of continuing improvement. 

All families and communities are unique and Path of Hope as an approach is respectful and adaptive to local context.  It also recognizes that continual learning is essential in this complex human service area.  The Rotary Foundation is in the final stages of approval to sponsor the Vocational Training Teams (VTT).

The VTT provides a vehicle for the sharing of learnings and the building of strategic relationships between Rotary Districts/Clubs interested in accepting this 21st Century challenge to make a difference for people, particularly women and children, living with FDV.

Vocational Training Team

The VTT from Perth Western Australia is a multi-disciplinary team who have extensive experience in their FDV related professional fields. 

  • Rebecca Tolstoy AM - Team leader – Founding chair of Path of Hope

  • Major Margaret Macdonald - Family & Domestic Violence expert and trainer, a key person in the inception and creation of Path of Hope.

  • Mark Crake - Senior manager/administrator in Western Australian State Government with a focus on child protection and family safety.

  • Spiro Gougoulis - Solicitor and accredited victim-offender mediator

  • Sarah-Jane Sharp - Project Manager & Rotary Path of Hope trainer

  • Beverly Wilson-Malcolm - Manager Homeless Services, Salvation Army, Perth, Western Australia. 

  • Darrell Hagan - Western Australian Police Officer, FDV Coordinator, Western Australia

  • Di Wilcox - Child advocate, Founder of ‘The Magic Coat’, Perth, Western Australia

The VTT members represent key aspects of the Western Australian experience which can be shared with Rotary District 5300 and other stakeholders.  In addition to promoting the value of a Rotary partnership with FDV service providers the team members will also enhance their knowledge which can be brought back to Western Australia.

Team members have developed a range of presentations that cover:

  • Operation of a Safe House (refuge) for women and the importance and processes of working partnerships with government, other non-government agencies, the business community and Rotary

  • Best practice principles for successful Rotary initiated partnerships with safe house providers with consideration of the need for respect to survivors, confidentiality, security and safety.

  • Australian and Western Australian data on the incidence and prevalence of FDV and its association with children needing to be placed in care

  • Screening for FDV and early intervention strategies in the Western Australian public health system

  • Collaborative partnerships between the Western Australian Police Force and Field Officers in the Department of Communities, Child Protection and Family Support as first responders to FDV

  • Specialized mediation and alternative dispute resolution services in the area of victim-offender mediation and therapeutic jurisprudence.


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RI Peace Conference Sydney - 17th March 2018


The Conference Program will include keynote lectures and presentations from international and national leaders in the industries of ‘Economic and Community Development and Peace’.

The Conference will have a focus on economic and community development as it relates to peace. Delegates will hear about the underlying causes of conflict including poverty, disease, lack of water and food security and the lack of education. Other focuses in the Conference Program will be on the economic cost of conflict within a country and community as well as reconciliation process and how a community can move from peacemaking to peacebuilding.

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Speaker United Nations Geneva #SDG GOALS

Our Founding Chair of Path of Hope Foundation and proud Rotarian of the Rotary Club of Perth, Western Australia, Rebecca Tolstoy.

Speaker at the Rotary Day at the UN November 2017 in the main session at the General Assembly Hall in Geneva. From the perspective of a Rotarian, volunteer, International Business woman of 24+ years, mother and wife on the innovative and collaborative Path of Hope Initiative - Breaking the cycle of Family and Domestic Violence.


WorldSafe Summit & Training for Global Safety Conference - October 26-28th 2017

Victims of Family Domestic Violence are tremendously vulnerable to Human Traffickers. Our Chairman, Rebecca Tolstoy, is a featured speaker and panelist on 'Identifying Solutions on Human Trafficking' at the WorldSafe Summit & Training for Global Safety Conference happening Oct. 26-28 in USA.